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Annual SJS Middle School Science Fair Takes Place

The Saint James School Science Fair was a wonderful display of projects done by our very creative Middle School students in Grades 5 through 8!

The students worked individually or with a partner to select a science-related topic and were tasked with creating a tangible project that explained their research/experiment. They displayed the following related information on a tri-fold board: hypothesis/question, research, general information, data, graphs, pictures, etc. so that students, teachers and other outside guests could view and understand their projects. The students also verbally presented their research and results to their science teachers, Miss Kayla McDonald (Grades 6 and 8) and Miss Rebecca Jobe (Grades 5 and 7).  

Visitors to our Science Fair were able to explore some interesting topics including electromagnets, batteries, photosynthesis, human impact on the environment, extracting DNA from strawberries, and air pressure, among others.  

Thank you to all our Middle School students and their science teachers for presenting such informative and well-done Science Fair exhibits! At the end of the day’s events, Miss Kayla McDonald remarked, “I want my students to carry these important science process skills with them through the rest of their academic years and beyond.”

Click here for photos of the event.