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Student Body Government

On Monday, November 20, Saint James School will be holding its Student Government Election.  Elected positions include President, Vice President, Secretary, and the newly-created position of Environmental Chairperson and are open to students in the upper grades. Below are the top 3 candidates who have completed the required essay and have been chosen by Sister Joann and Mrs. Florendo. The decision was hard, as there were some great ideas for all candidates, and we will be pursuing them once the new government is elected.

Candidates will be campaigning over the next few weeks, culminating in a school assembly on Friday November 17th, after lunch; 3rd grades and up will attend. The election will take place on November 20, with ballots cast throughout the day and moderated by Mr. Falcone.

President and Vice-President Candidates

Grace Cannon and Cadence Graf

Claire King and Sophie Henry

Lauren Conley and Ian Gaibor


Environmental Chairperson Candidates

Thomas Baeyens

Bobby Leon

Michael Ozgar


Secretary Candidates

Katie Walto

Samantha Hummel

Sean Henry