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- Kindergarten

Religion Curriculum


In Kindergarten, the children will continue their faith journey begun at home with their parents.  Children at this age are beginning to develop a relationship with God.  They are starting to grow in an understanding of who they are in relation to God.  Our curriculum follows the Diocese of Metuchen guidelines which are aligned with the National Benchmarks and Standards. Our Religion program is incorporated in every aspect of our school life.



Language Arts Curriculum



Our Kindergarten Language Arts program was developed to create a student’s love of reading and writing.  Using foundational skills established by New Jersey State Standards, students will be able to learn through the use of the “Journey’s” program and related materials and activities.  The Language Arts program incorporates the use of literature, phonics, sight words, high frequency words, vocabulary, spelling, and grammar. Handwriting will be taught to learn the correct formation of letters and numbers. 



Math Curriculum



In Kindergarten, Math instruction is focused on two areas: representing and comparing numbers and describing shapes and space.  Students will use a variety of activities to count and compare objects.  They will work with numbers 0-19 to gain understanding of place value.  Students will be able to use basic addition and subtraction to put numbers together and take them apart.  Kindergarten students will be able to identify and describe basic two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes. 



Science Curriculum


The Kindergarten Science Program is based on the guidelines set forth by the Next Generation Science Standards. The students will gain an understanding of the effects of different strengths and directions of pushes and pulls on an object’s motion to analyze a design solution.  They will explore what plants and animals need to survive and learn about their habitats. Students will develop an understanding of weather patterns and variations and the importance of forecasting to prepare for severe weather.  They will explore the properties of matter.  Students will use their five senses to describe and sort objects.



Social Studies Curriculum


In Kindergarten, students begin to learn the basic concepts about government, citizenship, geography, economics, and history.  Through a variety of activities, students learn about their place in the world and the people in it.  Students will learn about citizenship as it relates to their classroom community.  They will learn about their larger neighborhood community as well as culture and families.