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Saint James School’s Pre-K is a Christ-centered community, which creates an atmosphere inspired by the gospel. We are an extension of the Catholic Church’s teachings, traditions, and values and provide a strong spiritual and academic foundation that will help your student succeed. We cultivate faith-centered learning at a young age within the Catholic school environment. Through monthly school Masses, daily prayer, faith-incorporated daily lessons, religious education books, and the celebration of Christian holidays, we strive to instill the importance of faith and religion early on.

The Pre-K is located within the greater Saint James Catholic School, providing proper security, a dedicated fenced-in playground, hot lunch options (in a peanut-free environment), and an extensive support staff. We also offer full-day, half-day, and extended-care options to help make it easier on our school’s families.

Our Pre-K programs include a 2 ½- to 3-year-old program (students must be 2 1/2 by October 1st of the current school year) and a 4-year-old program. All students are encouraged to learn through active exploration of their child-centered environment, which helps them develop positive self-esteem, self-control, and independence.


The faculty and administration of Saint James School is proud to announce a partnership with the Mother Goose Time PreSchool curriculum program. This is a research-based program that nurtures the whole child in all areas of development:  social-emotional, physical, language, and cognitive. The curriculum uniquely weaves 33 key skills into playful games and hands-on projects.


At Saint James School, your child will explore the world through carefully designed thematic investigations.  These themes help children know who they are, love others, and make healthy life choices. Each day, your child will sing songs, create art, investigate STEM projects, play math and literacy games, read books, build friendships, and develop a personal relationship with Jesus, come to understand His love for them and build Christian character.


Students in Saint James School’s Pre-Kindergarten programs will also experience instruction in Art, Music, and Physical Fitness classes taught by instructors dedicated to those special areas.  Moreover, technology is fully integrated into our curriculum: our classrooms include interactive projectors and students in the 4-year-old program attend weekly technology instruction in our computer lab.  We are also proud to offer 6th grade buddies who act as mentors and role models. Pre-K students are encouraged to participate in Saint James School’s annual events, which include the Christmas Concert, Grandparents’ Day, the Fall Festival, and Farm Day.  


Our full-time teachers hold New Jersey State certification and pursue professional development opportunities for both academic and spiritual growth annually. Additionally, our school has a full-time nurse on staff.  

We believe it is our moral imperative to provide a strong foundation in both Catholic faith formation and academic excellence.  We emphasize values that encourage students to accept others rather than exclude them, to understand the difference between right and wrong, and to commit themselves to serve God by serving others.  This philosophy challenges our students to improve the world by sharing gospel values and living Christ's message of salvation. Our students grow to understand the roots of their faith and their responsibilities as Christians.
Thanks to our faculty and parents, the Saint James School Pre-K provides a safe, fun, and loving environment to nurture the emerging skills of all of our students.